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Therapeutic Bop Bag
Therapeutic Bop Bag
Therapeutic Bop Bag
Frustrated with your boss, spouse, friends or life in general?
Take out your anger and aggravation the safe way with The Therapeutic Bop Bag.
This 40″ white, reusable, inflatable bag with a sand weighted base comes with five wet-erasable markers so it can be used over and over.
This product presents an opportunity for individuals who are reticent or unable to express themselves.
They can write or draw anything that represents the anger they are feeling on the bop bag and then hit the bag to release the anger and aggression in healthy and safe ways.

This product is useful for people of all ages, especially children.
It is a productive way for parents to teach hem how to resolve their anger without hurting others and also not hurting themselves by holding in the anger, which m ay eventually come out later.
Therapists also love this tool to use with their patients who are having issues with anger or frustration.

The Ref Bop Bag

the ref Bop Bag
Ref Bop BagRef Bop Bag
Phun From Phoenix also produces The Ref Bop Bag, a 40″ vinyl inflatable that is suitable for all types of physical and verbal abuse.
It is constructed of durable vinyl with a sand-weighted base and is used by child psychologists, clinics, and other mental health professional s as part of the patients’ therapy.
The Ref Bop Bag has received numerous television and editorial coverage, such as: [more]